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Abundant nature of Aya, Miyazaki Prefecture

AYA : the Biosphere Reserve
The town of Aya in Miyazaki Prefecture is blessed with one of Japan’s largest laurel forests. In 1988, Aya promulgated the “Ordinance on the Promotion of Agriculture that Respects Natural Ecosystems,” and over the three decades since the town has been renowned for its organic farming as well as its traditional crafts. A member of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in Japan, Aya was also selected in 2012 as the fifth location in Japan to be registered as a UNESCO Eco Park in recognition of the beauty of its surrounding forests, which have attracted visitors from around Japan and the world. The development of the Aya, Weaving & Dyeing Studio has benefited from this ideal location, in the midst of abundant nature and a pristine streams certified as one of the best 100 water sources in Japan.

Official Aya website (Japanese): https://www.town.aya.miyazaki.jp/