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Our studio’s artisans

Masakazu Akiyama
Masakazu Akiyama
Owner of the Aya Dyeing and Weaving Studio. Member of the Japan Kōgei Association. Awards and commendations include the Medal with Yellow Ribbon, certification as a “Contemporary Master Craftsman,” and designation as an “intangible cultural asset” of Aya.
Despite all of his awards, he has a laidback and friendly attitude. Has won high praise, both in Japan and overseas, for his rich experience and knowledge as a craftsman and for the works that have emerged from his inspiration and enthusiasm.
Hiroko Kitahara
Hiroko Kitahara (weaver)
She has 45 years of experience for traditional weaving. Has amazed many people by her skillful technique and discernment. Every day she is weaving works that combine beauty with a sense of pleasure.
Chiyo Nishizaka
Chiyo Nishizaka (weaver)
Weaving is a place where she immerses herself in the task, which is carried out in an atmosphere of calm. She is undertaking the challenges of the job in the wholehearted pursuit of creating things of beauty.
Takuma Futakami
Takuma Futakami
He joined the studio right after graduating from university, having been inspired by the beauty of indigo and interesting personality of Akiyama He is now learning about all of the work processes, and feels blessed to be able to work with indigo every day.